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Bailey School Kids (Special) Mrs. Claus Doesn’t Climb Telephone Poles

The Bailey School Kids (Special) Mrs. Claus Doesn’t Climb Telephone Poles

By Marcia Thornton Jones & Debbie Dadey

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But why is Mrs. Claus repairing telephone and cable wires in Bailey City after a big blizzard? And could Santa be so worried about her that he'd forget all about Christmas? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out.

Interest Level: Grades 2-5; Grade Level Equivalent: 3.1; Ages 7-10; Lexile 490L; DRA 24; GRL M

Comprehension Worksheets

Comprehension Questions

Chapter 1

  1. What’s causing the internet to be down and the school to be closed until after Christmas? snow storm  p. 1
  2. How was snow stopping the kids from going to school and from playing video games or using the internet? The power was out  p.3
  3. Who did the children see up on the telephone pole? A woman  p.3

Chapter 2

  1. Describe the woman who was working on the telephone pole. Grandma; said “Ho! Ho! Ho!” into the receiver; friendly; wore red; name is Joy;  p.3-6,8
  2. What made Liza try sledding down the hill? It looked like more fun than standing and watching p. 11
  3. How did Liza feel about sledding after she zoomed down the hill for the first time? It was exciting, but she didn’t want to do it again  p.16

Chapter 3

  1. What is “fruitcake”? a rich cake containing dried or candied fruit, nuts, etc.  p.17
  2. How did Eddie cheat when racing Melody to the Burger Doodle Restaurant? Cut in front of her, forcing her into a snowdrift, then threw a snowball at her p.18
  3. What is the definition of “bickering”? to argue  p.21
  4. Why was Joy unhappy? She doesn’t feel appreciated by S.C. p.23

Chapter 4

  1. Why did Liza scream when she heard the name “Eli”? she recognized Eli was the same man talking to the janitor who turned out to be Santa Claus  p.28
  2. What does “abominable” mean? Very unpleasant; disagreeable p.28
  3. How did Joy respond when Liza said that “Santa can do anything, can’t he?” she cleared her throat, lost her sparkle, ran out of the restaurant  p.33

Chapter 5

  1. What is a “microscope”? an instrument with a  magnifying lens, used to inspect objects too small to be seen p.34
  2. When the children went to the bakery to pick up a cake for Melody’s aunt, what did they overhear Joy saying behind the counter? Telling the baker how to make cookies  p.37
  3. What does Joy compare her husband’s red nose to? a cherry gum drop  p.40

Chapter 6

  1. Where did the children follow Joy to? A small cottage  p.42
  2. List 2 ways to describe the cottage. Looks like the house from Hansel and Gretal; lots of Christmas lights; snowman on the roof; spruce trees with lights; candy canes lining the brick sidewalk  p.44

Chapter 7

  1. What does “bragging” mean? To boast; acting arrogant; to speak of one’s own achievements p.47
  2. When the children were going to sledding the second time, why did their breath make little white clouds? The warm air from their mouths mixed with the cold air outside   p.49
  3. What happened to Eddie’s sled after it slid down the hill without him? Broke into 3 pieces  p.50
  4. What did Joy do for Eddie’s sled? Fix it  p.52

Chapter 8

  1. How did Joy want Eddie to thank her for fixing his sled? Be more careful; think how his family would feel if he got hurt  p.55
  2. What did Joy do to help make sledding easier for Liza? Went down the hill with her p.57
  3. Who does Liza think Joy is? Mrs. Claus  p. 60

Chapter 9

  1. A simile is a figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared using like or as. Give me an example of a simile on page 64.  Eddie tossed snowballs like a catapult
  2. How would you describe Eddie during the snowball fight? Mean; bullyish; crazy  p.66
  3. Why do you think Joy calling Eli at the end of this chapter? To tell Eli that Eddie is being naughty  p.67

Chapter 10

  1. What’s the definition of “romantic”? displaying or expressing love p.69
  2. Who is Cupid? A winged, infant boy with a bow and arrow that symbolizes love  p.70
  3. Why do the friends feel like they need to help Joy and her husband? Christmas will be ruined if they don’t  p.72

Chapter 11

  1. How did Liza trick Joy? When Liza spoke about what friends do when they have disagreements, Joy joined in explaining that friendship isn’t easy but worth saving.  Joy realized she needed to work it out with her husband  p.76-77

Chapter 12

  1. Why was Eddie acting so calm and unlike himself? He got the present he wanted from Joy p.81
  2. Why did it bother Eddie he got a present from Joy? He didn’t really believe until then that Joy was Mrs. Claus  p.81


Magic Tree House #51 High Time for Heroes- A Merlin Mission

Magic Tree House #51 High Time for Heroes
By Mary Pope Osborne

Ages-7-9; Interest Level Grades 2-3; Lexile Measure 560L; DRA 40; Guided Reading S

Jack and Annie are on a mission for Merlin the magician! This time, the magic tree house whisks them off to Thebes, Egypt, to find Florence Nightingale, a world-famous nurse. But when they find her, the Florence Nightingale they meet is not a famous nurse at all—she’s not even a regular nurse! Have they found the right person? Or did Merlin make a mistake? An easy mission turns dangerous when Jack and Annie try to solve the mystery!

Comprehension Worksheets

Comprehension Questions

Chapter 1
1. What was Jack working on when Annie wanted to see if the tree house was in the woods? A magic show for his parents and grandparents p.3
2. Who are Jack and Annie visiting in this adventure? Florence Nightingale p.7
3. Where were Jack and Annie traveling to find Florence Nightingale? Egypt p.12

Chapter 2
1. Who is Ali? A boy Jack and Annie met when they first got to Egypt. He has two donkeys and was napping in a rowboat. His grandfather is a tourist guide p.15
2. What part of Egypt did Jack and Annie get sent to? Thebes; on the River Nile; across from the Temple of Luxor p.18
3. Who is Mustafa? Ali’s grandfather; the guide p.23

Chapter 3
1. What is the definition of an “aristocrat”? a person who lives within the standards of exceptional rank and privileges, especially the hereditary nobility (upper class) p.28
2. Describe the Bickerson’s. Aristocrats; easily upset; miserable and frightened in Thebes p. 31
3. Who is Countess von Kensky? A woman from Hungary who has a baby baboon for a pet named Koku p.32
4. What does Florence enjoy doing in Egypt? Taking notes of the ruins p.37

Chapter 4
1. Why did Lord Bickerson call Jack and Annie “impolite”? they were standing up for Florence; shared their opinions which were the same as Florence’s p.42
2. Why did the countess need Annie and Jack to babysit Koku? The countess wanted to visit a sick friend who didn’t like wild animals p.48
3. What does “rendezvous” mean? To meet up with each other at agreed time and place p.49

Chapter 5
1. What’s the definition of “solitude”? being alone p.55
2. Where did Jack and Annie travel to when they rented the donkeys? Valley of the Queens p.55
3. How did Jack feel as they saw and approached the Valley of the Queens? nervous; couldn’t shake his uneasy feeling p.62

Chapter 6
1. What does the word “shrieking” mean? A loud, sharp, shrill cry p.65
2. When the jackals were coming after Annie at the entrance of the tomb, why did Koku jump from Annie’s arms and run away? To distract the jackals and get them to chase her p. 67
3. What were two skills Jack and Annie gained as expert rock climbers after they inhaled the mist? Confidence; shift body weight; relax their grip; 100% focused on finding new places to grip; knowing where to put feet and hands p.71
4. What is the definition of “hoisted”? lifted; raised p.72

Chapter 7
1. Why did Annie have to remind Jack not to “freak out”? he could lose his concentration and fall down the cliff side p.78
2. How far did Jack get down the cliff side when he realized the mist had worn off? Half way down p. 79
3. What does it feel like to have the breath knocked out of you? Can’t breathe or talk; tightness in chest; scary p.80
4. Predict what you think is going to happen next. Florence will tend to Jack and Annie’s injuries and realize she has a gift to take care of people; She will admit to Jack and Annie she enjoys taking care of people p. 82

Chapter 8
1. When Jack and Annie were wanting to go back to the river, how did they know which way to go? Followed the moon since it rose over the Nile p. 83
2. What does the word “jostle” mean? Bump, shove, push, brush against p. 84
3. On page 88 there are examples of onomatopoeia. Give me two. Baaing of sheep; bleating of goats; croaking of frogs; rustling of reeds; hee-haw of donkeys p.88
4. What’s the definition of “moor”? open wasteland overgrown with shrubs p. 91

Chapter 9
1. What would Florence love to do with her life? Be a nurse p. 97
2. Why did Florence think Jack and Annie hit their heads when they fell off the cliff? They said she would be a great nurse someday p. 98
3. What did Florence say that caused the ring to finally glow? One’s life must have meaning and purpose p. 101

Chapter 10
1. Why wouldn’t Mustafa accept payment from Jack after all he had done to help the children? Mustafa did it because they needed help,  not for the money p. 112
2. What happened to Jack and Annie’s injuries when they reached Frog Creek, Pennsylvania? They were gone p. 114
3. After the adventure to Egypt, how many secrets of greatness have Jack and Annie learned?
3 p. 115

Comprehension Questions- Magic Tree House #50 Hurry Up Houdini! A Merlin Mission

Hurry Up Houdini! #50 Magic Tree House A Merlin Mission

By Mary Pope Osborne

Interest Level Grades 2-4; Grade Level Equivalent 3.7; GRL P; DRA 38; Lexile 520L

Jack and Annie continue their journey as they find the second key to greatness under the direction and assistance of Merlin,  They get to meet the Great Houdini at the amusement park on Coney Island and even get to perform on the same stage as the great illusionist.

Comprehension Question Worksheets

Chapter 1

What two things did Merlin give Jack and Annie to help them during their quest? A gold ring (Ring of Truth) and a tiny bottle of Merlin’s magic mist p.7

Where did Merlin want them to go for this mission?  Coney Island, NY  p.8

Who were Jack and Annie going to visit for this adventure? The Great Houdini p.8

What do you know about the Great Houdini?  A magician, performer

Chapter 2

After the tree house landed in New York, Annie thought they had arrived at the time of the Middle Ages.  What made her come to that conclusion?  She saw spires, towers, turrets, domes  p.10

Back in 1908, how much was a penny worth if compared to a coin in our time?  A quarter p.11

What ride did Jack and Annie go on before buying their tickets for Houdini’s show? A water roller coaster; Shoot the Chutes p.21

Why do you think Jack wanted to buy the tickets to Houdini’s show before eating the hot dog, ice cream and going on Shoot the Chutes?  It might be sold out; they might miss it  p.22

Chapter 3

How did Jack like the Shoot the Chutes ride he and Annie went on?  He didn’t like it; it made him queasy p.23

What’s the definition of “coincidence”?   an occurrence of events happening by chance  p.27

Onomatopoeia is defined as words that mimic the natural sound of real things.  (Example: meow; beep, beep; choo choo)  Tell me an example of onomatopoeia in this chapter.   Ah-OO-ga! Ah-OO-ga!  p.29

Why was Mr. Dewey so upset when Jack and Annie tried to buy tickets for the Great Houdini’s show?  The opening act, the Bambini Brothers ran off stealing from the box office, now the Great Houdini’s show doesn’t have an opening act and it will start late  p.32

Chapter 4

How did Jack and Annie help solve Mr. Dewey’s problem of not having an opening act for the Great Houdini?  Jack and Annie used the magic mist to become great performers and do the opening act p.36

What was the name of Jack and Annie’s act for the performance? Jolly Jack and the Amazing Annie p.38

How did Jack feel about performing in the opening act of the Great Houdini? He didn’t like it  p.39&44

What’s the definition of a “horde”? a large group of people  p.40

Chapter 5

Why did Jack turn around and go back to the theater, especially when he was so angry at Annie? She was going to use the magic mist to become a great performer, but he realized he had the mist p.46

How did Jack sneak into the theater? He climbed onto a garbage can and crate to reach the window of Annie’s dressing room p.49-50

How did Jack feel about performing after he inhaled the mist? The crowd wasn’t so scary, he couldn’t wait to get on stage and show them what he could do  p.54

Chapter 6

What are illusionists?  Magicians  p.59

Tell me three magic tricks Jack and Annie did during their act.  Pulled rabbits and doves from their hats, made cards appear from thin air, made wands appear, connecting three solid rings  p.62-67

Tell me the definition of “flourish”. To make dramatic, sweeping gestures  p.69

Chapter 7

Why did Jack and Annie go back on stage and perform a second time?  The Great Houdini hadn’t shown up to do the show  p.71

Why did the audience “boo” Jack when the curtain lifted for the second performance? They wanted the Great Houdini p.76

Why was the Great Houdini late for his performance?  He and Bess got trapped on the Trip to the Moon ride p.81

Chapter 8

What was one of the Great Houdini’s nicknames? The Master of Escape  p.88

Describe to me the Great Houdini’s most thrilling and dangerous escape he performed that night? He escaped a huge locked milk can full of water with three pairs of handcuffs around his wrists p.89

What magic trick did the Great Houdini do that included his wife Bess? He tied her arms behind her back, she stepped into a large bag that Houdini tied at the top, she was placed in a trunk that was inside a cabinet, then the cabinet was locked with padlocks. She escaped and opened the trunk and bag and the Great Houdini jumped out p.94

Chapter 9

How did Harry and Bess leave the theater after the show? Through a secret exit out of their dressing room p.97

Where did Jack and Annie find Harry and Bess? On a bench eating ice cream cones p.101

Why do Harry and Bess wear such big hats? So fans won’t recognize them p.101

What did Bess say to Jack and Annie that made the Ring of Truth glow?  Anyone would have to work hard to be truly great at something p.105

Chapter 10

Why did Jack and Annie want to walk with Harry and Bess to the Japanese Tea Garden? That’s where the magic tree house was p. 107

When Jack and Annie were telling their new friends about the magic tree house, how did Harry and Bess respond? They didn’t believe them, they winked at each other, went along with Jack and Annie p.109

Why did Jack and Annie tell Harry and Bess their secret about the tree house? Harry mentioned he would be happy to just once see a bit of magic he could never do or never explain p.107&112

What was Jack and Annie’s new secret of greatness? Hard work  p.112


Magic Tree House: Stallion by Starlight #49 A Merlin Mission

Stallion by Starlight #49 A Merlin Mission

By Mary Pope Osborne

Time-traveling brother-and-sister team Jack and Annie must find four secrets of greatness for Merlin the magician. To start, they travel back in time to meet Alexander the Great. He should know all about greatness, right? But young Alexander is bossy, vain, and not great at all! How can they learn from him? It’s going to take a wild black stallion, magic from Merlin, and a lot of bravery to succeed. Are Jack and Annie clever and bold enough to complete their mission?

Interest Level Grades 2-4; Lexile Level 500L; Grade Level 3.8; GRL R; DRA 40

Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Download Comprehension Worksheets

Chapter 1

  1. In the first chapter, how did Jack and Annie know the tree house was back?  Penny was standing on the sidewalk  p.5
  2. Who did Jack and Annie find in the tree house when they first climbed in?  Merlin p.6
  3. What question did Merlin struggle to find an answer to? What makes a person great  p.9
  4. What three objects did Merlin give Jack and Annie to help them on their next four missions?  The Ring of Truth, magical silver mist in a tiny glass bottle, research book on Macedonia p.10-12

Chapter 2

  1. How did King Phillip II get his army to become the best fighting machine in the world? He drilled his men night and day p.18
  2. Why did the boys scowl at Annie when she asked them if King Phillip and Alexander the Great live up on the hill? They’re a fierce and warlike people/not friendly  p.20
  3. Why did the blacksmiths glare and follow Jack and Annie when they tried to sneak away? They thought they were stealing military secrets when they saw Jack writing down what they were doing p. 21

Chapter 3

  1. How did Annie “defy” the teacher that was teaching about the universe? She went against what he was saying p.24-25
  2. What was the teacher’s name? Aristotle p.26
  3. Why is Aristotle in Macedonia? To tutor the prince, Alexander, when he turns 13 p.31
  4. Why did Jack and Annie wait outside while Aristotle went into the Royal House? Aristotle needed to get permission for his guests, Jack and Annie to enter into the House with him p. 34

Chapter 4

  1. What is a mural?  A large picture painted or affixed onto a wall or ceiling  p.36
  2. Describe Prince Alexander’s appearance and behavior when he first arrived and entered the hall everyone was gathered and eating in.  fair haired, muscular, purple cloak over his tunic, strode to the center of the room, tossed back his cloak, bowed p.39
  3. What is a word that describes Alexander? Pompous, arrogant, egotistical, full of himself, stuck-up p. 41

Chapter 5

  1. Why was Jack nervous to go alone with Alexander? He was worried Alexander would challenge him to mounting a moving chariot, hunt a lion p.46
  2. What did Alexander want Jack to write about, when he took him and Annie to the covered porch behind the house?  Alexander  p.47
  3. Instead of writing down what Alexander was saying about himself, what did Jack write?  Alexander is a raving nut, a show off, could never have friends, he should be locked up  p.48-50
  4. Why didn’t Jack use Merlin’s magic to become the greatest athlete in the world to beat Alexander? Jack didn’t want to waste it on an arrogant bully  p.55

Chapter 6

  1. Why does Alexander want to make others look like fools? Because he so greatly fears looking like a fool himself/ he wants to equal his father’s power and strength p.58
  2. What is the definition of “haggle”?  to try make a deal  p.60
  3. When Bucephalus neighed and bucked wildly, who felt they could tame him?  Alexander p.64
  4. Why did Annie want to restart their friendship with Alexander? She felt sorry for him, his dad’s mean to him, they showed off to the king and his men, they were mean to him p.66

Chapter 7

  1. When Jack and Annie sniffed the magic mist to become great horse trainers, what were they able to do with the Bucephalus?  Listen to his thoughts/understand him and have him understand them p.78
  2. What nickname did Annie call Bucephalus?  Buddy p.76
  3. After explaining what had happened to his master, what helped Buddy feel better? That whatever happened to his master wasn’t his fault  p.80

Chapter 8

  1. What does “balk” mean?    to stop short and refuse to go on  P.81
  2. What are some examples from the book to describe how Jack felt when they were riding the horse? Like they were dancing together and they had become one with the horse  p.83
  3. What helped Buddy let other riders ride him? He knows he doesn’t have to wait for his master anymore p.87

Chapter 9

  1. What was the secret of greatness Merlin wanted them to discover on this mission? Humility p.94
  2. What is the definition of humility?  put others before yourself; have a modest opinion about yourself P.94
  3. When Alexander truly listened to Buddy, what did the horse tell him? He was scared of the shadows p.97
  4. What helped Alexander look and act like a different person? Thinking about the horse instead of himself p.97

Chapter 10

  1. Who wanted Jack and Annie to stay and help with Alexander’s education? Aristotle p.101
  2. How did Alexander’s father feel about him after seeing him ride Bucephalus? Happy; proud of him; The king told Alexander he had better find a larger kingdom, since the king’s kingdom was not big enough for him p.104
  3. Explain the Ring of Truth.  It was given to Jack and Annie from Merlin to wear on their journeys. It will glow when they discover a true secret of greatness  p.10
  4. What does dappled mean?  having spots of a different shade, tone, or color from the background p.108

Comprehension Questions- Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery

Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery

By: Deborah and James Howe

When the Monroe family brings home a small black-and-white bunny they find in the movie theater after seeing Dracula, Chester the cat and Harold the dog are instantly suspicious. After all the vegetables in the Monroe kitchen start turning white, Chester and Harold are certain that Bunnicula is a vegetarian vampire. Continue reading

Comprehension Questions – Calvin Coconut #5 Hero of Hawaii

Calvin Coconut #5 Hero of Hawaii

By: Graham Salisbury

Hawaii boy Calvin Coconut has come up with the best idea ever for his sister Darci's birthday party. But a huge tropical storm hits the islands and threatens everything! The river next to Calvin's house rises high, and when Calvin's friend Willy falls into the raging water, Calvin grabs his skiff to save him. As Willy is swept into the bay, Calvin struggles in the wild waves. What happens next shows Calvin what heroes are made of! (courtesy of Book Wizard-Scholastic) Continue reading

Comprehension Questions- Hank Zipzer #7 Help! Somebody Get Me Out of the Fourth Grade!

Hank Zipzer #7 Help! Somebody Get Me Out of the Fourth Grade!

by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Hank Zipzer is in the fourth grade and has just had parent teacher conferences and is getting terrible grades.  He is faced with the fear that maybe he won't pass the fourth grade and will be stuck in the fourth grade while all of his classmates move on to fifth grade.  Continue reading

Comprehension Questions- The Phantom Tollbooth

The Phantom Tollbooth

By Norton Juster

Milo is a boy who seems unhappy in everything he's doing.  He gets a special delivery which turns out to be a magical tollbooth.  He gets in his little car and decides to try out the phantom tollbooth.  He ends up in a strange land with many strange creatures and ends up trying to help them by saving two princesses that have been banished. Continue reading

Comprehension Questions- #1 Knights of the Kitchen Table

#1 Knights of the Kitchen Table

By Joe Scieszka

In this adventure, three boys are whisked away to the time of King Arthur and are asked to face a giant and a dragon in hopes of saving King Arthur's kingdom.  Using their creative ways, the boys come up with clever fighting tactics that defeat the giant and dragon and save everyone in the kingdom.  Continue reading