Welcome to the Learning Center where parents receive support as they help their children learn to love reading through understanding and comprehending their fun popular chapter books.

How the program works...

Each book has been read and analyzed for questions that will help you know if your child is understanding the book they are reading.

You can:

1. Ask your child the questions at the end of each chapter (which is best)

2. You can ask them questions after every few chapters of the book.

3. You can pick a few questions and ask them at the end of the book.

Now, if your child isn't able to answer the questions, the book he's reading is probably too difficult for him to comprehend.  If your child is whipping through the questions and can answer most of them easily, then they are definitely understanding what they're reading.

This program is made to make your life as a parent easier.  So you can print off the questions of each book or you can look us up on line.

I would love to hear of any book suggestions you may have.  I'm always reading, but if you have something you would like in particular, let me know.  I'll try to meet your requests within a reasonable time.