Bailey School Kids (Special) Mrs. Claus Doesn’t Climb Telephone Poles

The Bailey School Kids (Special) Mrs. Claus Doesn’t Climb Telephone Poles

By Marcia Thornton Jones & Debbie Dadey

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But why is Mrs. Claus repairing telephone and cable wires in Bailey City after a big blizzard? And could Santa be so worried about her that he'd forget all about Christmas? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out.

Interest Level: Grades 2-5; Grade Level Equivalent: 3.1; Ages 7-10; Lexile 490L; DRA 24; GRL M

Comprehension Worksheets

Comprehension Questions

Chapter 1

  1. What’s causing the internet to be down and the school to be closed until after Christmas? snow storm  p. 1
  2. How was snow stopping the kids from going to school and from playing video games or using the internet? The power was out  p.3
  3. Who did the children see up on the telephone pole? A woman  p.3

Chapter 2

  1. Describe the woman who was working on the telephone pole. Grandma; said “Ho! Ho! Ho!” into the receiver; friendly; wore red; name is Joy;  p.3-6,8
  2. What made Liza try sledding down the hill? It looked like more fun than standing and watching p. 11
  3. How did Liza feel about sledding after she zoomed down the hill for the first time? It was exciting, but she didn’t want to do it again  p.16

Chapter 3

  1. What is “fruitcake”? a rich cake containing dried or candied fruit, nuts, etc.  p.17
  2. How did Eddie cheat when racing Melody to the Burger Doodle Restaurant? Cut in front of her, forcing her into a snowdrift, then threw a snowball at her p.18
  3. What is the definition of “bickering”? to argue  p.21
  4. Why was Joy unhappy? She doesn’t feel appreciated by S.C. p.23

Chapter 4

  1. Why did Liza scream when she heard the name “Eli”? she recognized Eli was the same man talking to the janitor who turned out to be Santa Claus  p.28
  2. What does “abominable” mean? Very unpleasant; disagreeable p.28
  3. How did Joy respond when Liza said that “Santa can do anything, can’t he?” she cleared her throat, lost her sparkle, ran out of the restaurant  p.33

Chapter 5

  1. What is a “microscope”? an instrument with a  magnifying lens, used to inspect objects too small to be seen p.34
  2. When the children went to the bakery to pick up a cake for Melody’s aunt, what did they overhear Joy saying behind the counter? Telling the baker how to make cookies  p.37
  3. What does Joy compare her husband’s red nose to? a cherry gum drop  p.40

Chapter 6

  1. Where did the children follow Joy to? A small cottage  p.42
  2. List 2 ways to describe the cottage. Looks like the house from Hansel and Gretal; lots of Christmas lights; snowman on the roof; spruce trees with lights; candy canes lining the brick sidewalk  p.44

Chapter 7

  1. What does “bragging” mean? To boast; acting arrogant; to speak of one’s own achievements p.47
  2. When the children were going to sledding the second time, why did their breath make little white clouds? The warm air from their mouths mixed with the cold air outside   p.49
  3. What happened to Eddie’s sled after it slid down the hill without him? Broke into 3 pieces  p.50
  4. What did Joy do for Eddie’s sled? Fix it  p.52

Chapter 8

  1. How did Joy want Eddie to thank her for fixing his sled? Be more careful; think how his family would feel if he got hurt  p.55
  2. What did Joy do to help make sledding easier for Liza? Went down the hill with her p.57
  3. Who does Liza think Joy is? Mrs. Claus  p. 60

Chapter 9

  1. A simile is a figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared using like or as. Give me an example of a simile on page 64.  Eddie tossed snowballs like a catapult
  2. How would you describe Eddie during the snowball fight? Mean; bullyish; crazy  p.66
  3. Why do you think Joy calling Eli at the end of this chapter? To tell Eli that Eddie is being naughty  p.67

Chapter 10

  1. What’s the definition of “romantic”? displaying or expressing love p.69
  2. Who is Cupid? A winged, infant boy with a bow and arrow that symbolizes love  p.70
  3. Why do the friends feel like they need to help Joy and her husband? Christmas will be ruined if they don’t  p.72

Chapter 11

  1. How did Liza trick Joy? When Liza spoke about what friends do when they have disagreements, Joy joined in explaining that friendship isn’t easy but worth saving.  Joy realized she needed to work it out with her husband  p.76-77

Chapter 12

  1. Why was Eddie acting so calm and unlike himself? He got the present he wanted from Joy p.81
  2. Why did it bother Eddie he got a present from Joy? He didn’t really believe until then that Joy was Mrs. Claus  p.81