Magic Tree House #51 High Time for Heroes- A Merlin Mission

Magic Tree House #51 High Time for Heroes
By Mary Pope Osborne

Ages-7-9; Interest Level Grades 2-3; Lexile Measure 560L; DRA 40; Guided Reading S

Jack and Annie are on a mission for Merlin the magician! This time, the magic tree house whisks them off to Thebes, Egypt, to find Florence Nightingale, a world-famous nurse. But when they find her, the Florence Nightingale they meet is not a famous nurse at all—she’s not even a regular nurse! Have they found the right person? Or did Merlin make a mistake? An easy mission turns dangerous when Jack and Annie try to solve the mystery!

Comprehension Worksheets

Comprehension Questions

Chapter 1
1. What was Jack working on when Annie wanted to see if the tree house was in the woods? A magic show for his parents and grandparents p.3
2. Who are Jack and Annie visiting in this adventure? Florence Nightingale p.7
3. Where were Jack and Annie traveling to find Florence Nightingale? Egypt p.12

Chapter 2
1. Who is Ali? A boy Jack and Annie met when they first got to Egypt. He has two donkeys and was napping in a rowboat. His grandfather is a tourist guide p.15
2. What part of Egypt did Jack and Annie get sent to? Thebes; on the River Nile; across from the Temple of Luxor p.18
3. Who is Mustafa? Ali’s grandfather; the guide p.23

Chapter 3
1. What is the definition of an “aristocrat”? a person who lives within the standards of exceptional rank and privileges, especially the hereditary nobility (upper class) p.28
2. Describe the Bickerson’s. Aristocrats; easily upset; miserable and frightened in Thebes p. 31
3. Who is Countess von Kensky? A woman from Hungary who has a baby baboon for a pet named Koku p.32
4. What does Florence enjoy doing in Egypt? Taking notes of the ruins p.37

Chapter 4
1. Why did Lord Bickerson call Jack and Annie “impolite”? they were standing up for Florence; shared their opinions which were the same as Florence’s p.42
2. Why did the countess need Annie and Jack to babysit Koku? The countess wanted to visit a sick friend who didn’t like wild animals p.48
3. What does “rendezvous” mean? To meet up with each other at agreed time and place p.49

Chapter 5
1. What’s the definition of “solitude”? being alone p.55
2. Where did Jack and Annie travel to when they rented the donkeys? Valley of the Queens p.55
3. How did Jack feel as they saw and approached the Valley of the Queens? nervous; couldn’t shake his uneasy feeling p.62

Chapter 6
1. What does the word “shrieking” mean? A loud, sharp, shrill cry p.65
2. When the jackals were coming after Annie at the entrance of the tomb, why did Koku jump from Annie’s arms and run away? To distract the jackals and get them to chase her p. 67
3. What were two skills Jack and Annie gained as expert rock climbers after they inhaled the mist? Confidence; shift body weight; relax their grip; 100% focused on finding new places to grip; knowing where to put feet and hands p.71
4. What is the definition of “hoisted”? lifted; raised p.72

Chapter 7
1. Why did Annie have to remind Jack not to “freak out”? he could lose his concentration and fall down the cliff side p.78
2. How far did Jack get down the cliff side when he realized the mist had worn off? Half way down p. 79
3. What does it feel like to have the breath knocked out of you? Can’t breathe or talk; tightness in chest; scary p.80
4. Predict what you think is going to happen next. Florence will tend to Jack and Annie’s injuries and realize she has a gift to take care of people; She will admit to Jack and Annie she enjoys taking care of people p. 82

Chapter 8
1. When Jack and Annie were wanting to go back to the river, how did they know which way to go? Followed the moon since it rose over the Nile p. 83
2. What does the word “jostle” mean? Bump, shove, push, brush against p. 84
3. On page 88 there are examples of onomatopoeia. Give me two. Baaing of sheep; bleating of goats; croaking of frogs; rustling of reeds; hee-haw of donkeys p.88
4. What’s the definition of “moor”? open wasteland overgrown with shrubs p. 91

Chapter 9
1. What would Florence love to do with her life? Be a nurse p. 97
2. Why did Florence think Jack and Annie hit their heads when they fell off the cliff? They said she would be a great nurse someday p. 98
3. What did Florence say that caused the ring to finally glow? One’s life must have meaning and purpose p. 101

Chapter 10
1. Why wouldn’t Mustafa accept payment from Jack after all he had done to help the children? Mustafa did it because they needed help,  not for the money p. 112
2. What happened to Jack and Annie’s injuries when they reached Frog Creek, Pennsylvania? They were gone p. 114
3. After the adventure to Egypt, how many secrets of greatness have Jack and Annie learned?
3 p. 115