Comprehension Questions- Magic Tree House #50 Hurry Up Houdini! A Merlin Mission

Hurry Up Houdini! #50 Magic Tree House A Merlin Mission

By Mary Pope Osborne

Interest Level Grades 2-4; Grade Level Equivalent 3.7; GRL P; DRA 38; Lexile 520L

Jack and Annie continue their journey as they find the second key to greatness under the direction and assistance of Merlin,  They get to meet the Great Houdini at the amusement park on Coney Island and even get to perform on the same stage as the great illusionist.

Comprehension Question Worksheets

Chapter 1

What two things did Merlin give Jack and Annie to help them during their quest? A gold ring (Ring of Truth) and a tiny bottle of Merlin’s magic mist p.7

Where did Merlin want them to go for this mission?  Coney Island, NY  p.8

Who were Jack and Annie going to visit for this adventure? The Great Houdini p.8

What do you know about the Great Houdini?  A magician, performer

Chapter 2

After the tree house landed in New York, Annie thought they had arrived at the time of the Middle Ages.  What made her come to that conclusion?  She saw spires, towers, turrets, domes  p.10

Back in 1908, how much was a penny worth if compared to a coin in our time?  A quarter p.11

What ride did Jack and Annie go on before buying their tickets for Houdini’s show? A water roller coaster; Shoot the Chutes p.21

Why do you think Jack wanted to buy the tickets to Houdini’s show before eating the hot dog, ice cream and going on Shoot the Chutes?  It might be sold out; they might miss it  p.22

Chapter 3

How did Jack like the Shoot the Chutes ride he and Annie went on?  He didn’t like it; it made him queasy p.23

What’s the definition of “coincidence”?   an occurrence of events happening by chance  p.27

Onomatopoeia is defined as words that mimic the natural sound of real things.  (Example: meow; beep, beep; choo choo)  Tell me an example of onomatopoeia in this chapter.   Ah-OO-ga! Ah-OO-ga!  p.29

Why was Mr. Dewey so upset when Jack and Annie tried to buy tickets for the Great Houdini’s show?  The opening act, the Bambini Brothers ran off stealing from the box office, now the Great Houdini’s show doesn’t have an opening act and it will start late  p.32

Chapter 4

How did Jack and Annie help solve Mr. Dewey’s problem of not having an opening act for the Great Houdini?  Jack and Annie used the magic mist to become great performers and do the opening act p.36

What was the name of Jack and Annie’s act for the performance? Jolly Jack and the Amazing Annie p.38

How did Jack feel about performing in the opening act of the Great Houdini? He didn’t like it  p.39&44

What’s the definition of a “horde”? a large group of people  p.40

Chapter 5

Why did Jack turn around and go back to the theater, especially when he was so angry at Annie? She was going to use the magic mist to become a great performer, but he realized he had the mist p.46

How did Jack sneak into the theater? He climbed onto a garbage can and crate to reach the window of Annie’s dressing room p.49-50

How did Jack feel about performing after he inhaled the mist? The crowd wasn’t so scary, he couldn’t wait to get on stage and show them what he could do  p.54

Chapter 6

What are illusionists?  Magicians  p.59

Tell me three magic tricks Jack and Annie did during their act.  Pulled rabbits and doves from their hats, made cards appear from thin air, made wands appear, connecting three solid rings  p.62-67

Tell me the definition of “flourish”. To make dramatic, sweeping gestures  p.69

Chapter 7

Why did Jack and Annie go back on stage and perform a second time?  The Great Houdini hadn’t shown up to do the show  p.71

Why did the audience “boo” Jack when the curtain lifted for the second performance? They wanted the Great Houdini p.76

Why was the Great Houdini late for his performance?  He and Bess got trapped on the Trip to the Moon ride p.81

Chapter 8

What was one of the Great Houdini’s nicknames? The Master of Escape  p.88

Describe to me the Great Houdini’s most thrilling and dangerous escape he performed that night? He escaped a huge locked milk can full of water with three pairs of handcuffs around his wrists p.89

What magic trick did the Great Houdini do that included his wife Bess? He tied her arms behind her back, she stepped into a large bag that Houdini tied at the top, she was placed in a trunk that was inside a cabinet, then the cabinet was locked with padlocks. She escaped and opened the trunk and bag and the Great Houdini jumped out p.94

Chapter 9

How did Harry and Bess leave the theater after the show? Through a secret exit out of their dressing room p.97

Where did Jack and Annie find Harry and Bess? On a bench eating ice cream cones p.101

Why do Harry and Bess wear such big hats? So fans won’t recognize them p.101

What did Bess say to Jack and Annie that made the Ring of Truth glow?  Anyone would have to work hard to be truly great at something p.105

Chapter 10

Why did Jack and Annie want to walk with Harry and Bess to the Japanese Tea Garden? That’s where the magic tree house was p. 107

When Jack and Annie were telling their new friends about the magic tree house, how did Harry and Bess respond? They didn’t believe them, they winked at each other, went along with Jack and Annie p.109

Why did Jack and Annie tell Harry and Bess their secret about the tree house? Harry mentioned he would be happy to just once see a bit of magic he could never do or never explain p.107&112

What was Jack and Annie’s new secret of greatness? Hard work  p.112