Magic Tree House: Stallion by Starlight #49 A Merlin Mission

Stallion by Starlight #49 A Merlin Mission

By Mary Pope Osborne

Time-traveling brother-and-sister team Jack and Annie must find four secrets of greatness for Merlin the magician. To start, they travel back in time to meet Alexander the Great. He should know all about greatness, right? But young Alexander is bossy, vain, and not great at all! How can they learn from him? It’s going to take a wild black stallion, magic from Merlin, and a lot of bravery to succeed. Are Jack and Annie clever and bold enough to complete their mission?

Interest Level Grades 2-4; Lexile Level 500L; Grade Level 3.8; GRL R; DRA 40

Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy

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Chapter 1

  1. In the first chapter, how did Jack and Annie know the tree house was back?  Penny was standing on the sidewalk  p.5
  2. Who did Jack and Annie find in the tree house when they first climbed in?  Merlin p.6
  3. What question did Merlin struggle to find an answer to? What makes a person great  p.9
  4. What three objects did Merlin give Jack and Annie to help them on their next four missions?  The Ring of Truth, magical silver mist in a tiny glass bottle, research book on Macedonia p.10-12

Chapter 2

  1. How did King Phillip II get his army to become the best fighting machine in the world? He drilled his men night and day p.18
  2. Why did the boys scowl at Annie when she asked them if King Phillip and Alexander the Great live up on the hill? They’re a fierce and warlike people/not friendly  p.20
  3. Why did the blacksmiths glare and follow Jack and Annie when they tried to sneak away? They thought they were stealing military secrets when they saw Jack writing down what they were doing p. 21

Chapter 3

  1. How did Annie “defy” the teacher that was teaching about the universe? She went against what he was saying p.24-25
  2. What was the teacher’s name? Aristotle p.26
  3. Why is Aristotle in Macedonia? To tutor the prince, Alexander, when he turns 13 p.31
  4. Why did Jack and Annie wait outside while Aristotle went into the Royal House? Aristotle needed to get permission for his guests, Jack and Annie to enter into the House with him p. 34

Chapter 4

  1. What is a mural?  A large picture painted or affixed onto a wall or ceiling  p.36
  2. Describe Prince Alexander’s appearance and behavior when he first arrived and entered the hall everyone was gathered and eating in.  fair haired, muscular, purple cloak over his tunic, strode to the center of the room, tossed back his cloak, bowed p.39
  3. What is a word that describes Alexander? Pompous, arrogant, egotistical, full of himself, stuck-up p. 41

Chapter 5

  1. Why was Jack nervous to go alone with Alexander? He was worried Alexander would challenge him to mounting a moving chariot, hunt a lion p.46
  2. What did Alexander want Jack to write about, when he took him and Annie to the covered porch behind the house?  Alexander  p.47
  3. Instead of writing down what Alexander was saying about himself, what did Jack write?  Alexander is a raving nut, a show off, could never have friends, he should be locked up  p.48-50
  4. Why didn’t Jack use Merlin’s magic to become the greatest athlete in the world to beat Alexander? Jack didn’t want to waste it on an arrogant bully  p.55

Chapter 6

  1. Why does Alexander want to make others look like fools? Because he so greatly fears looking like a fool himself/ he wants to equal his father’s power and strength p.58
  2. What is the definition of “haggle”?  to try make a deal  p.60
  3. When Bucephalus neighed and bucked wildly, who felt they could tame him?  Alexander p.64
  4. Why did Annie want to restart their friendship with Alexander? She felt sorry for him, his dad’s mean to him, they showed off to the king and his men, they were mean to him p.66

Chapter 7

  1. When Jack and Annie sniffed the magic mist to become great horse trainers, what were they able to do with the Bucephalus?  Listen to his thoughts/understand him and have him understand them p.78
  2. What nickname did Annie call Bucephalus?  Buddy p.76
  3. After explaining what had happened to his master, what helped Buddy feel better? That whatever happened to his master wasn’t his fault  p.80

Chapter 8

  1. What does “balk” mean?    to stop short and refuse to go on  P.81
  2. What are some examples from the book to describe how Jack felt when they were riding the horse? Like they were dancing together and they had become one with the horse  p.83
  3. What helped Buddy let other riders ride him? He knows he doesn’t have to wait for his master anymore p.87

Chapter 9

  1. What was the secret of greatness Merlin wanted them to discover on this mission? Humility p.94
  2. What is the definition of humility?  put others before yourself; have a modest opinion about yourself P.94
  3. When Alexander truly listened to Buddy, what did the horse tell him? He was scared of the shadows p.97
  4. What helped Alexander look and act like a different person? Thinking about the horse instead of himself p.97

Chapter 10

  1. Who wanted Jack and Annie to stay and help with Alexander’s education? Aristotle p.101
  2. How did Alexander’s father feel about him after seeing him ride Bucephalus? Happy; proud of him; The king told Alexander he had better find a larger kingdom, since the king’s kingdom was not big enough for him p.104
  3. Explain the Ring of Truth.  It was given to Jack and Annie from Merlin to wear on their journeys. It will glow when they discover a true secret of greatness  p.10
  4. What does dappled mean?  having spots of a different shade, tone, or color from the background p.108