Succeed at Reading

Welcome to Rise to Reading, a resource center for Parents!

Welcome to Rise to Reading, where parents receive support as they help their children learn to love reading through understanding and comprehending their fun popular chapter books.

How the site works...

Each book has been read and analyzed for questions that will help you know if your child is understanding the book they are reading. If you feel the questions provided are appropriate for a lesson plan, you're welcome to use them, but the purpose of these questions is to be a quick reference for parents as they touch base with their children.

You can:

1. Ask your child the questions at the end of each chapter (this is best)

2. Ask them questions after every few chapters of the book.

3. Pick a few questions and ask them at the end of the book.

Now, if your child isn't able to answer the questions, the book he's reading is probably too difficult for him to comprehend and maybe even too difficult for him to read.  If your child is understanding the questions and can answer them correctly, then they're definitely understanding what they're reading.

Here are some hints that lead to success while working with your child:

  • Be patient and kind
  • Be positive and praise in specific ways (ex. "wow, you're a good reader"; "I'm so proud of you for figuring that out"; "you're working very hard to become a better reader")
  • Ask any follow up questions that come to your mind
  • Listen carefully to your child as you interact with them

This program is made to make your life as a parent easier.  I've also added vocabulary lists and writing prompts to selected books as pdf.'s just in case you'd like to delve a little deeper with your child.

I would love to hear of any book suggestions you may have.  I'm always reading, but if you have something you would like in particular, let me know.  I'll try to meet your requests within a reasonable time. Thanks for visiting the site!